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Company provides safeguards for roof fixings and wall sheeting

Liability — it’s not a nice word for any construction professional. When it comes to roofing and wall cladding it can cost thousands of dollars if a product fails.

This is where EDL Fasteners Ltd comes in. The company has sourced the latest in corrosion protection technology to supply ArmaGalv screws to the market, providing safeguards while fixing roofing and wall sheeting, whilst providing customers with maximum performance.

Costly remedial work

EDL recognises that roofing screws are failing prematurely on New Zealand’s buildings, resulting in costly remedial work for the builder.

These regular screws are manufactured to perform in a salt-spray test chamber that does not accurately mimic real-world conditions.

Galvanised screws need exposure to wet/dry weather cycles to develop their protective oxide layers, something that can’t happen in salt spray chambers.

What are we left with? Screws that perform adequately in salt spray testing but fail prematurely on buildings out in the real world.

ArmaGalv uses a new way of applying the protective galvanised coating, and fusing it onto the screw.

Rigorous testing in the real world (an ISO Category 5 very severe marine site), and in a proprietary environmental test chamber enables the correlation of corrosion rates, and so allows EDL to predict the service life of the screws.


  • ArmaGalv plated screws are the only roofing and cladding screws that have a predicted (and warranted) service life in New Zealand’s environments. This provides certainty of performance and greatly reduces liability.

  • ArmaGalv screws exceed the requirements of AS3566.2 Class 4.

  • Faster drive speeds enable the work to be completed quicker, saving time and allowing construction work to continue sooner.

  • ArmaGalv screws have sharper threads, allowing for an easier and cleaner drive whilst retaining their galvanised coating to protect the screw from corrosion. They are also fully compatible with all steel roofing in New Zealand.

  • The screws are available in plain, or colour-matched, UV-stable paint finishes for roofing/cladding sheets.

For further information and warranty details, refer to the EDL Roofing Catalogue, or visit

ArmaGalv screws can be purchased from leading rollformers, or from the nearest EDL branch.



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