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Space management vital at design stage

In modern times we tend to have more belongings, which is why Space Management is so important when future proofing a home.

Changes to lifestyle and increased construction costs mean that Space Management is an essential consideration in the design process.
Builders need to decide how they can make the best use of the space available to accommodate the demands of their client’s lifestyle.

Careful consideration

Builders should talk to their clients about careful consideration of design elements such as flexible room design, access and storage space.
Kitchens and laundries are a great starting point. Kitchens designed with multi-level drawer organisers, pull-out bench space and pull-out racking systems in cupboards and pantries provide optimum storage space.

Trash compactors save space and benefit the environment by reducing landfill space, and by incorporating stackable washer/dryer units and folding ironing centres, the entire laundry can be placed in storage cupboards with bi-fold doors, either in the garage or in the house.

In living areas, slimline plasma screens, in-built sound systems and equipment storage cupboards are just a few of the ways to make better use of family space.
You’d be surprised how much usable space is swallowed up by doors and accessways. By investing in bi-fold doors, cavity slider doors that disappear inside the walls, and sectional garage doors, home owners can enjoy the double benefit of more space and more access.

Through well-planned organiser units, shelves or pull-out drawers, some of that reclaimed space can be used effectively for storage.


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