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Looking at the "Big Picture"

Sometimes it takes a look at the “Big Picture” to get some perspective on how we, as New Zealanders, are faring in our little cubby hole at the bottom of the planet.

A number of industry representatives, including RMBF chief executive Pieter Burghout, ventured out from our back yard to the USA recently to attend the biggest construction exhibition in the world. What better way to see how we’re stacking up against the rest of the world!

And, despite the troubled times the industry has been experiencing here recently, they found that construction in New Zealand is, on the whole, of a higher quality than what they saw in America.

And that industry associations such as the RMBF are going to have a huge role to play in ensuring the industry is working as effectively as possible.
So don’t think it’s all doom and gloom out there as we charge into another year . . . !


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