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Reputations secure with BRANZ-appraised nails

Working to protect your clients’ valuable investments means builders need to specify only building code-compliant materials.
Builders should know that reputations count and are hard won through experience and training. Paslode takes builders’ reputations seriously, and have used its world-leading experience to develop a range of galvanised fasteners.

Builders’ clients expect the best and Paslode supports the drive for excellence. That is why it says its hot dipped galvanised nail range is different from the rest.
Paslode galvanised nails are the only range in New Zealand that is fully BRANZ appraised for 50-year durability and designed for use in all H5 treated timbers (BRANZ Appraisal 546 2007).

These nails are guaranteed to meet the stringent NZ 3604 Building Code requirements.
The hot dipped nails are sourced to bring world-class technology to the New Zealand builder — just look for the yellow labelled Paslode boxes to be sure you meet the required building standards.

Paslode nails have the famous “P” logo stamped into the head of the nail. According to Paslode, this makes site inspection easy, with building inspectors now looking for this mark.
Builders can have confidence that these nails will stand up to even the most rigorous scrutiny.

For more details about Paslode’s galvanised nail programme, contact its customer services team on 09 477 3000, a local area sales representative or visit


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