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Product portfolio expanded

Product portfolio expanded

Knauf Insulation has expanded its product portfolio to provide more solutions specific to New Zealand construction.


One of the latest products to be added to the Earthwool glasswool range is an underfloor roll with a wind wash barrier that provides protection from air movement under the floor to ensure the high thermal performance of the insulation, R1.8 m2K/W, is not compromised.


The rolls are 600mm wide and can be stapled in place to provide a high thermal solution under floors that is quick and easy to install.


For masonry walls, the company now offers a silicone-treated glasswool product, DriTherm Cavity slab.


The silicone treatment prevents moisture transfer from the outer to the inner leaf, which is backed by a 50-year moisture resistant warranty.


The product has a long history of use in Britain to provide a thermal barrier from the wet and cold conditions, and is ideally suited for the strapping and lining of masonry walls in New Zealand buildings.


For timber frame and high performance homes, Jet Stream MAX is a blow-in glasswool solution that provides high thermal performance. It is installed using a Blow-In-Blanket System (BIBS) to create a thermal, acoustic and fire-resistant barrier, and will adequately fill all gaps and voids and around pipes and electrical wires.


And ClimaFoam XPS board is a high performing, water-resistant and lightweight thermal insulation which can be used in numerous, thickness-constrained applications.


It is made using extruded polystyrene, and has a high compressive strength of 300KPa, making it an ideal insulation product for under-concrete slabs, external render wall systems and slab perimeters.


Although perimeter insulation is not standard practice, it is beneficial for retaining heat and will increase the R-Value of an already insulated ground floor slab.


In 2010, Knauf Insulation introduced its Earthwool glasswool insulation to New Zealand. Earthwool glasswool is super-soft, easy to cut and install, and has a high level of sustainability.


It is made using recycled glass and with Ecose Technology, a revolutionary binder that contains no added formaldehyde. And thanks to compression technology, there is more product per pack, which means fewer deliveries and less storage on site.


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