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More and more homes heated by digital solar heating

Ever wondered why solar thermal (ST) is not more prevalent while solar is?

The key is huge, low-cost, thermal geo-storage systems called the “Heat Core” that provide massive thermal “battery” for dark times. EVT solar panels perform well, even in minus 30°C temperatures.

In addition, an engineered solution has been lacking — until now.

Today, many homes and buildings in New Zealand and Australia are 100% heated by the Digital Solar Heating (DSH) system — with systems soon to be installed in chilly Canada as well.

Architects and engineers are seeing the advantages of incorporating DSH systems into their designs.

The actual design of the building changes very little, although the foundation and roof designs require attention.

Flat and solar oriented sloped roofs only require nominal weight and attaching consideration.

Each heating system includes the provision of hot water, enabling any home or commercial site with a high demand for heated water to benefit.

Commercial sites such as hotels, motels, hospitals, barracks and hostels have huge laundry systems, so the DSH design can be optimised accordingly.

Meeting halls, gymnasiums, recreation centres, offices, shopping malls and retirement centres — in fact, any well-insulated building with a concrete slab — can benefit from the system. Back-up and waste heat can be incorporated.

Digital Solar heat has worked hard to minimise costs, but because systems vary in size, every installation requires quoting.

The company will also be offering free basic training to early adopters in design, build and engineering. 

For pricing, email — and be sure to ask for the Grand Designs Australia link.


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