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Ready for 2013?

Ready for 2013?
So it seems insurance money is starting to flow in Canterbury, and a shortage of housing set for Auckland. These two centres look set to drive the industry, but things are getting busier across the board in the past few weeks.

Certainly, Christchurch is going to be a hub of activity in 2013. Training advisors have been hired to keep up with demand which is already starting to hit pretty hard — 10 new advisors have been hired in Christchurch already! And Auckland’s not far behind.
It seems then that builders across the country are going to be trying to get their hands on apprentices pretty soon, if not already. February and March next year could be particularly busy.

So this is a warning! If everyone tries to put on new apprentices at the same time, we could find ourselves short.
The BCITO has been going on about this for two years now, but it can finally be said that things are starting to happen. Employers who are thinking they may need extra manpower should act now.

For those who are not aware, the BCITO has a “job matching” service where it can put employers and career-seekers in contact with each other. Employers looking for apprentices can call 0800 422 486 and let the BCITO know what they’re looking for, after which the BCITO database is then searched.

The BCITO is actively advertising to career seekers to register their interest and list themselves on its database.
Employers can always call a BCITO training advisor too, as they may have someone ready to go.
However, the BCITO has issued a word of warning — nearly all apprentices with experience have already been snapped up. Most employers will need to take on someone pretty green or, at best, with a pre-trade course. In this situation, the candidate’s attitude becomes very important.

Feel free to give the BCITO a buzz to talk about this in more detail — they’re here to help!


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