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Care needed with hiring of casual staff

Care needed with hiring of casual staff

In another decision that illustrates just how tricky it can be to keep the contractor/employee distinction clear, a full bench of the Employment Court held that a labour hire company employee who exclusively provided temporary services to a particular client could also have been an employee of that client (McDonald v Ontrack Infrastructure Ltd and Allied Workforce Ltd). The decision may make it possible for a worker employed by a labour-for-hire service to argue that they were actually an emp...
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Take it to the limit(ation) — the new Limitation Act 2009

Take it to the limit(ation) — the new Limitation Act 2009

The new Limitation Act — will it change anything? Anyone who has paid attention to the endless line of building defects cases will be familiar with the concept of limitation. It means there’s a time limit after which a plaintiff cannot sue. The reasons behind limitation periods are that as time goes by evidence may be lost, so prosecuting and defending an action becomes more difficult. The law requires that people take action on any claims promptly. Limitation periods also giv...
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    Building Recruitment managing director Kevin Everett says pressure in a market where employers are struggling to find the skilled people to train long-term can result in hurried recruitment processes.

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