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Home automation an effective way to increase quality of life

Home automation is an effective way to Future-Proof homes and increase the occupants’ quality of life. Wireless technology can allow access to state-of-the-art entertainment and information technology from anywhere in the home — from something as simple as a remote garage door opener to something as advanced as a fully-integrated, centrally-controlled computer system. Access Security Technology changes and developments are also providing new ways to control access and security. F...
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Special attention required for QA of key components

Another FPB principle is using quality materials, correctly installed by trained professionals. When designing a Future-Proof home, special attention should be given to quality assurance testing programmes for key components of the home.   Builders should insist on products and materials that meet New Zealand Standards, and that carry BRANZ appraisals or International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) certification where applicable.   Strict attention to quality also applies t...
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Space management vital at design stage

In modern times we tend to have more belongings, which is why Space Management is so important when future proofing a home. Changes to lifestyle and increased construction costs mean that Space Management is an essential consideration in the design process. Builders need to decide how they can make the best use of the space available to accommodate the demands of their client’s lifestyle. Careful consideration Builders should talk to their clients about careful consideration of d...
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Enjoy payback now and in the future by reducing carbon footprint

There are many ways to reduce the environmental footprint, including choosing environmentally-friendly products, reducing water consumption and better waste management. When yesterday’s buildings were designed and constructed there were no issues such as water restrictions or high energy costs, and little concern over volumes of waste. There is now enough scientific evidence that today’s lifestyles, at home and in the work place, are having a major environmental impact on the ear...
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FPB seminars heading south

FPB seminars heading south

The remaining Future-Proof Building events and seminars for 2009 will be heading towards the southern part of the North Island and, later, in September, into the South Island. Dates are: Plumbing World Roadshow, New Plymouth, 24 August, 4.30 - 6.30pm Future-Proof Building Roadshow, New Plymouth, 25 August, 7 - 9am Plumbing World Roadshow, Palmerston North, 25 August, 4.30 - 6.30pm Future-Proof Building Roadshow, Palmerston North, 26 August, 7 - 9am Plumbing World Roadshow, Wellington...
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Dramatic savings to be made in energy-efficient homes

The cost of energy is rising. So future-proofing your client’s home against increasingly expensive energy consumption makes good financial sense. Heating water and warming a home consumes the bulk of the energy used in an average household. Through efficient methods of heating and insulating homes, builders can reduce long-term energy costs and make more efficient use of the heat generated in their client’s homes. Professionally-installed insulation is the best place to start sin...
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Long-term products represent value for money

Life Cycle Costing simply means evaluating what a product or service will cost you over its entire life cycle. When planning a future-proofed home, this kind of consideration is crucial. More expensive materials with a longer life can often work out to be a more cost-effective option than low-cost, short-life alternatives. Due to immediate cost considerations and mass-production, many of today’s homes are built with no consideration for life cycle costing. However, materials that look ...
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Educating builders and clients about FPB

Future-Proof Building is an initiative developed to promote a change in the construction industry from cost-driven construction to solution, or lifestyle-driven construction. Future-Proof Building is committed to educating the building industry and the general public about the need for better buildings. The eight FPB principles are: • Energy Efficiency • Health and Safety • Resource Responsibility • Space Management • Life Cycle Costing • Sound Control • Quality Assurance • Security a...
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