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Tools of the Trade feedback

Tools of the Trade feedback

In the March issue of Building Today you requested information on what we tradesman consider our most valuable cordless tool that we swear by. I have a fantastic one for you. The Bosch 14.4V cordless grinder is the dogs bollocks! I have had it a number of years now, yet when I returned to New Zealand from Britain I noticed no other tradesman with one. I dont get it! A lot of New Zealand builders are slow to pick up on the usefulness of such tools which save time and money This...
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uPVC products

I have recently finished reading the April edition of Building Today magazine. You have asked for feedback on products. I have an issue with the use of uPVC products regarding the manufacture and the disposal of the product at the end of its use. I believe there is a release into the atmosphere of toxic chemicals with its manufacture, and the disposal is expensive. It’s not something that I would recommend unless I was shown that this is not the case. Howard Whitteker Quant...
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I was disappointed in the comments made by Registered Master Builders Federation chief executive Pieter Burghout regarding the current Building Act (Building Today July 2006).   It was inaccurate and superficial. The BCITO didn't train 8000 builders - it trained 8000 carpenters. Historically the word builder means "being in the business of building" - that is, the person or company who supplies the materials and the trade labour to complete the building, including electrician, plumbe...
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