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CMS appoints new chief executive

Construction Marketing Services Ltd (CMS) has appointed Aidan Jury as its new chief executive officer. In the past four years CMS has launched its Future Proof Building brand FPB with a significant television and consumer media programme with the aim of creating an umbrella brand in which consumers relate to suppliers of quality products and services through FPB partners. In an industry that is facing a severe reduction in demand due to the global recession, CMS is continuing to invest in it...
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Right House signs up

Right House Ltd has joined the Future-Proof Building stable to offer New Zealanders complete energy efficient solutions to residential homes and businesses. The partnership between Future-Proof Building and Right House is a significant step towards consolidating an increasingly crowded market, making it easier for consumers to find complete energy efficient solutions for residential homes and businesses. With climate change and sustainable living becoming a significant global trend which i...
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Future-Proof Building — the consumer story

Future-Proof Building is designed to educate consumers about how to create a better end result in their building project. Over the next few months Building Today will go into detail about each of the eight icons that make up the Future-Proof Building programme. As a professional in the construction industry, it is important to understand how the programme reaches customers, and how important education is to achieving the required results. Buildings are complicated and, for most people, the b...
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Future-proofed master-planned community an NZ first

The groundbreaking Anselmi Ridge development south of Auckland can lay claim to being New Zealand’s first fully future-proofed and master-planned community. The McConnell Property Ltd master-planned development at the old Anselmi family farm, a beautiful piece of land that has long been a part of Franklin District’s rich heritage, is set to become a landmark in sustainable development. When completed, Anselmi Ridge will come to be regarded as New Zealand’s first fully futur...
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Energy Efficiency — vital for reducing costs

The cost of energy is rising, so future-proofing homes against expensive energy consumption makes good sense. By using efficient water heating, space heating, lighting and insulation in your home, energy costs can be reduced. And by choosing appliances with low energy consumption, not only will monthly power bills reduce, but carbon footprints will also be minimised. In the end, future-proofing homes for Energy Efficiency means less energy is used and, therefore, more money saved.  Her...
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