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Height safety easily achieved with simple edge protection

Height safety easily achieved with simple edge protection

One of the key factors to an efficient building site is a safe one. Edge Protection can provide a cost-effective and speedy alternative to scaffolding in many cases. Edge Protection NZ Ltd has been at the forefront of development for proprietary edge protection systems since 2012 with three main objectives for its customers — keep it simple, make it versatile and ensure it’s cost effective. With several bracket types catering for new housing, existing buildings, garages/sheds and c...
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Warm roofs — is this the future of roofing?

Warm roofs — is this the future of roofing?

This article was written by the late Stuart Thomson, author of the New Zealand Metal Roof and Wall Cladding Code of Practice, first released in 2003, and currently undergoing its third revision. Mr Thomson (Thomo) was an independent building consultant, contributing technical articles for Rooflink, the quarterly journal of the Roofing Association of New Zealand. Building Today acknowledges their permission to reprint this 37th instalment of Thomo’s Tips from the Autumn 2015 issue.
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Reputations secure with BRANZ-appraised nails

Working to protect your clients’ valuable investments means builders need to specify only building code-compliant materials. Builders should know that reputations count and are hard won through experience and training. Paslode takes builders’ reputations seriously, and have used its world-leading experience to develop a range of galvanised fasteners. Builders’ clients expect the best and Paslode supports the drive for excellence. That is why it says its hot dipped galvanise...
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Careful pre-paint preparation required for existing roofing

Careful preparation for the painting of existing roofs is essential. Here Resene Paints outlines a step-by-step guide on preparing cementitious roofing tiles, including cement tiles and Super Six Surface preparation. • Remove powdery layers and efflorescence Remove any powdery layers, laitance or efflorescence by vigorous wire brushing or, preferably, waterblasting. • Special attention needed Fibre reinforced cement may contain asbestos. The removal and/or disposal of asbesto...
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