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Do you agree with the Government's current immigration policy which is heavily responsible for the continued upturn in the NZ construction industry?

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16 / 6 / 16

Are you prepared for the requirements of the new Health & Safety in Work Act that came into force on April 1, 2016?

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1. Do you agree with the requirement to have a compulsory contract for work over $30,000?

Yes  87%
No  13%

1. Was former Minister for Building and Construction Clayton Cosgrove good for the industry or not?

Yes  14%
No  86%

1. Is the WHRS doing an effective job resolving leaky buildings claims?

Yes  22%
No  78%

1. Should the Government admit liability for its part in the leaky buildings crisis?

Yes  57%
No  43%

1. Based on construction policy you have seen, will you be voting for a change of Government?

Yes  90%
No  10%

1. Have you had to lay staff off so far this year?

Yes  52%
No  48%

1. Are you planning to take on more building staff in the next two to three months?

Yes  40%
No  60%

1. As a builder,do you think liability risks make undertaking leaky building remedial work unappealing?

Yes  92%
No  8%

1. A recent survey found that business confidence is rising after five gloomy months. Do you agree?

Yes  36%
No  64%

1. Has the "credit crunch" and the tightening economy significantly slowed down your workload yet?

Yes  72%
No  28%

1. Based on building industry policy you have heard thus far, will you be voting for a new Government?

Yes  90%
No  10%

1. Do you think statutory insurance is the answer to avoiding leaky buildings-type legal battles?

Yes  70%
No  30%

1. Do you think Minister Shane Jones has done a good job in his short time in the role so far?

Yes  52%
No  48%

1. Are you happy with the choice of Maurice Williamson as the new Building and Construction Minister?

Yes  58%
No  42%

1. Are you optimistic that the construction industry will pick up before the end of 2009?

Yes  81%
No  19%

1. Are you confident that the Licensed Building Practitioner scheme will work?

Yes  19%
No  81%

1. Do you think the proposed amendments to the Building Act will stimulate growth in the industry?

Yes  19%
No  81%

1. Have you begun preparations in order to become a Licensed Building Practitioner?

Yes  54%
No  46%