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A cost revolution in home ventilation

A cost revolution in home ventilation

Home ventilation systems typically comprise of an above-the-ceiling roof cavity, centrally-mounted fan which distributes drier filtered air from the roof cavit y into bedrooms and living rooms via a network of ducting (the latter also mounted in the roof cavity), and is typically installed by a specialist. Depending on the number of room outlets, ducted systems can cost anywhere from $2000 to $6000 installed. The new revolutionary Unovent DIY home ventilation moisture reduction system comprises...
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HRV brings world first to Kiwi homes

New Zealand home owners will be able to enjoy healthier environments following the introduction by leading healthy home specialist HRV of a world-leading ventilation system featuring innovative Seta filtration technology. Developed and produced by Auckland-based company Revolution Fibres, the new ultra-sensitive air filter uses cutting edge nanofibre technology infused with the powerful antibacterial properties of manuka, creating pure air, free from bacteria, fungi and dust. HRV chief executi...
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Inventors say their product’s time has come

Heatbox has solved the problem of ventilation systems that the product’s inventors say do not heat homes properly. In 2011, Otago University published a study to back up anecdotal evidence that looked at the actual heating performance of these systems. The study concluded that “for the majority of the time, it was calculated that pumping air from the roof space into the house would provide little heating or cooling benefit. In fact, this would often actually act to push the interna...
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