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Showerdome saves energy and maintenance costs

Extended research conducted by a leading New Zealand University has shown that a Showerdome, when used correctly, may pay for itself within two years. Independently tested by the University of Waikato in January and August of 2011 to equate for summer and winter seasons, Showerdome proved successful at lowering humidity and sustaining air temperature in the bathroom. This greatly reduced dampness, as no steam was created in the shower cubicle. University of Waikato professor Dr James Carson s...
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Steam-less bathrooms creating drier homes

New research from a leading New Zealand university has shown that Showerdome is effective at creating drier healthier kiwi homes. Independently tested earlier this year by the University of Waikato, Showerdome proved successful at trapping moisture within the shower, greatly reducing the dampness of the bathroom. University of Waikato senior lecturer Dr James Carson says the results highlight the merits of Showerdome. “The humidity and dew point within the bathroom was largely unchanged...
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Shower steam gone forever!

An innovative Tauranga based company has invented an inexpensive shower top device that stops shower steam forming in the bathroom. It stops mirror misting, wet dripping windows, paint damage, mould and mildew forming, moisture floating into adjacent rooms causing cold damp fabrics, bedding and other problems — sound too good to be true? The Showerdome clear acrylic shower top fits most existing showers and eliminates steam from bathrooms. It is inexpensive, takes an approved installer a...
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'Bullet-proof solution' needs qualified installers

While the construction industry moves towards licensing as part of the Building Act 2004 and in response to leaky homes scares, the shower industry is moving that way too. New Zealand shower manufacturer Atlantis Bathroom Style has taken the initiative in ensuring their product performs the way it should, especially in high risk areas such as timber floors and in upstairs bathrooms. But while Atlantis says its tile shower system is a “bullet-proof solution”, it still needs the back...
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New GIB wet area systems book rewritten

The GIB Aqualine Wet Area Systems book has been reviewed, redesigned and rewritten as part of Winstone Wallboards ongoing programme to make GIB Systems easier for customers to specify and install. Improved features include: Wider range of typical wet area details, Easier to access specification information, Easier to access installation information, Clearer pictorial recommendations, Simpler tiling construction met...
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Smart flushing loos combat water price hike

Smart flushing loos combat water price hike

Australian-made smart flushing toilets could be just the ticket for Aucklanders seeking to combat increased water charges. Designed to help reduce water use in drought-stricken Australia, the new generation dual-flush toilets have the potential to save tens of thousands of litres a year. “Water is an increasingly scarce commodity and the trend worldwide is to use less and be more careful with it,” according to Caroma Industries NZ general manager Scott Simpson. “For Auckland...
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