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Nuplex launches a breakthrough technology for the coatings industry

New, innovative coating technology, Acure, introduced by global, specialist chemical company founded in New Zealand Nuplex has unveiled the world’s latest technological breakthrough in coatings, Acure, an innovative technology that will significantly benefit manufacturers around the world. Manufacturers traditionally need to balance the dry time of a coating with the time at which the paint becomes unusable, referred to as its pot life. Nuplex’s research and development teams arou...
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Invisible barrier wards off metal corrosion

A coating so thin it’s invisible to the human eye has been shown to make copper nearly 100 times more resistant to corrosion, creating tremendous potential for metal protection even in harsh environments. In a paper published in the September issue of Carbon, researchers from Monash University and Rice University in the USA say their findings could mean paradigm changes in the development of anti-corrosion coatings using extremely thin graphene films. Graphene is a microscopically thin l...
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New colour range for Plasti Dip

Now there is an even more colourful way to seal frayed rope ends, cover tool handles, garden implements or even old steering wheels. Plasti Dip was introduced to New Zealand last year, and quickly took off as a novel and ingenious way to cover just about any surface with a synthetic rubber coating that protects and insulates. The multi-purpose air-dry, synthetic rubber coating can easily be applied by spraying, brushing or dipping and, because it remains flexible and stretchy, it doesn’t...
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Make electrical wiring safe with plastic coating

Bare electrical wires and joins can now be made safe by coating with a special protective product called Liquid Tape. It works in the same way as roll tape, but is more convenient and easier to use in confined spaces since it can also be applied with a brush, as well as dipped. It is a companion product to Plasti Dip, a plastic coating for tool handles and other products.   Liquid Tape is designed especially for use with electrical wiring as a brush-on insulator. There is also a spray-...
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