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Change colour with Plasti Dip removable paint

Colour customising is being revolutionised with a new spray paint from Plasti Dip, the people who invented the paint that can coat anything from toys to tools with a rubberised protective layer. Originally developed to apply rubber coatings to replace worn grips on hand tools such as pliers, wrenches and cutters, Plasti Dip has become a household name around the world, and was introduced to New Zealand in 2009. It now allows for cool customising of cars, trucks, wheels, accessories and even bi...
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Painting the town green-er

A $1 million R&D prize in Industrial Research Ltd’s (IRL) What’s Your Problem New Zealand? competition will be used to help locally-owned Resene make its green paints even greener. Professor Peter Gluckman, chief science advisor to the Prime Minister, awarded Resene the winning prize in Industrial Research Ltd’s (IRL) What’s Your Problem New Zealand? competition recently. The prize has earned Resene up to $1 million in IRL R&D services, which will be used to dev...
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Paint without plastic

Health and the environment are hot topics everywhere right now. So when a family is planning to build a new home, reassurance that the safest products available are being used is a top priority. Hearing that there is a premium quality paint available — Bio Paints Wall Paint — that is natural, environmentally-friendly and VOC-free will be good news to prospective clients. So too will the fact that it is made from a blending of plant oils, tree resins and earth clays, and is based on ...
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Natural ways to colour timber

Recent trends towards coloured floors and woodwork mean home owners are always looking for fresh and new ways to achieve this. When the criteria also includes finding natural products, the choice is more limited. Wood Varnish, supplied by natural paint company, Bio Paints, is a breathable environmentally-friendly oil or water-based varnish for coating timber surfaces. It creates a smooth coloured coating which can range from a semi-translucent to opaque finish, depending on the type of applica...
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Shoo fly

Good old kiwi ingenuity has resulted in another first for Resene. Musca domestica, otherwise known as the common housefly, is a well known cosmopolitan pest responsible for transporting disease-carrying organisms and damaging surfaces. When resting, adults regurgitate a liquid that results in spots on the surface combined with other darker spots, both of which can be difficult to remove without damaging the paint surface. Resene has found a way to resolve the unwanted fly spot nuisance throug...
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Painting a different picture

Painting a different picture

Painting can be nothing but a headache with toxic fumes getting up your nose and harming you and your family’s health. It’s not a job anyone really relishes — even if someone else does it for you — with the disruption and lingering fumes. However, there is always a big element of satisfaction with the transformation you have achieved. But there’s also a downside in terms of the impact on the environment and your health, with chemical paints having an effect even a...
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