Groundbreaking new ‘tool’ saves time and money


As every tradesman will know, the process of turning a job into profit can be as laborious as the job itself, with so much time being spent on completing and processing the paperwork involved in any trade. Trade Tools is a revolutionary product that has just been released in New Zealand. 

Specifically developed for tradesmen, Trade Tools works on a PDA or Smart phone on the Vodafone and Telecom networks. You can perform all your day-to-day business functions, such as purchase orders, quotes, invoices, expenses and OSH reports, on site, from any location. 

Gone are the days of having to return home or to the office to be faced with hours of paper work that needs to be completed before the cash starts flowing in. Encos Global Systems Ltd has developed Trade Tools with small-to-medium contracting businesses in mind. 

The company has worked closely with leaders in New Zealand’s trade sector to ensure Trade Tools caters for all tradesmen’s business needs. Encos Global Systems Ltd chief executive Greg Evans says the company has developed Trade Tools to meet the ever-growing demand for “real time” processing of paper work. 

“Trade Tools is a world-first. This is the fi rst time tradesmen have been able to process so much information, without leaving the job,” Mr Evans says “With Trade Tools you can order materials and arrange to have them delivered, produce a quote to present to a customer, invoice the job once it has been completed, keep track of your expenses and keep your vehicle log book up to date, all on site. 

“In working to develop this product, we also learnt that there was a definite demand for a way in which formalities, such as OSH reports, could be completed on site, so we have built this function into the product as well.” While Trade Tools works on an electronic device, Mr Evans points out that tradesmen can still issue printed quotes and invoices. 

To print the forms created on the PDA or Smart phone, users simply log on to Encos’ secure client portal where the invoices and quotes are ready and waiting in formatted style for the printer. 

Today’s advances in technology mean that these forms can even be printed on site. Now that’s smart! “This on-the-spot processing means tradesmen can even collect payments before they leave the site, improving their cash fl ow while, at the same time, saving hours of work at the end of the day,” Mr Evans says