RMBF Strengthens capability in vital areas


The Registered Master Builders Federation has increased the depth of its management capability across two key areas in its business — membership services and marketing and communications. 

As the premier construction industry organisation in New Zealand, the RMBF identifi ed a need to strengthen its capability so it can enhance its services to members and ensure it is communicating effectively with industry and stakeholders. 

Nancy Bakker was the information and communications manager at the Cement and Concrete Association of New Zealand (CCANZ) for the past six years. In her new role as marketing and communications manager she will be responsible for overseeing the continued strengthening of the Federation’s brand, associated marketing and sponsorship programmes, internal and external communications and, in conjunction with external providers, lead the Registered Master Builders House of the Year Awards, in association with PlaceMakers. 

Exciting time “It is an exciting time for the Federation. With so many changes internally and the full backing of the board, I believe that both Craig and I can deliver real value to stakeholders,” Ms Bakker says. Craig Marsh, the RMBF’s new membership services manager, has spent the past seven years with the New Zealand Institute of Management where he held the position of manager of membership services. 

He will be responsible for ensuring products and services meet members’ needs, and work closely with regional associations to ensure a consistent value proposition to existing and potential members in his new role.

 “In terms of deliverables, we will be conducting a review of all membership services/benefits and its current delivery structure in relation to the Federation and Associations,” Mr Marsh says. “We will be working with the regional associations in order to complement and enhance our strengths, with closer co-operation in the delivery of meeting member expectations of service.” 

Improving communications In the immediate future, membership services will also be concentrating on improving communications with members. From 2006, they will maintain regular contact with members, and collect feedback and suggestions for improvement from members on benefits and services they provide. 

RMBF chief executive Pieter Burghout says the membership servicing and marketing/communications areas are so critical to the success of the Federation. “I know we are already seeing good value being added by the two newly appointed senior managers,” Mr Burghout says.