Additive signals breakthrough in masonry technology


Traditional masonry has been used successfully for many years in New Zealand. However, major advances in masonry technology have resulted in traditional masonry being improved further. Stevenson DryBlock masonry blocks are made using a water-repellent additive — Markham sealers — to build in weathertightness. 

DryBlock construction is still designed to take a surface treatment — for example, paint, plaster or sealer — but if there’s a failure in that outer layer, DryBlock provides the confi dence of a second line of defence. The product is easily identified by its distinctive grey colour, called Fire Ash. 

All the Stevenson Architectural Masonry range is made using DryBlock technology for added performance and colour fastness. DryBlock is laid using a premix DryMortar to keep the structure water repellent.

It’s just like working with ordinary masonry blocks with one important advantage: there’s no waiting for blocks to dry out before laying or plastering, as they stay drier. This speeds up construction during damp conditions. 

And DryBlock works with most usual coatings and sealers. DryBlock technology can help build a home that looks good, represents a great investment and has weathertightness at the very heart of its construction.