Consumer and industry feedback ‘critical’ to getting the Building Code right


A review of New Zealand’s Building Code is appropriate in light of the signifi cant changes in the building industry over the past 15 years, according to the Registered Master Builders Federation. “The Building Code needs to be updated so it refl ects changes to best practice, consumer expectations and the sustainability requirements of the Building Act,” RMBF chief executive Pieter Burghout says. 

He was responding to the recent release of the discussion document review on the Building Code by the Minister for Building Issues Clayton Cosgrove. “We look forward to seeing where the Department of Building and Housing takes the code as a result of the review. 

Both consumer and industry feedback will be critical to getting the Code right,” Mr Burghout says. This is the first review of the Building Code since its inception in 1991. The RMBF has worked closely with the Government and the Department of Building and Housing on the review of the Building Code framework and a range of other initiatives to strengthen the building sector. 

“We appreciate the way the Government is consulting widely with industry on the best way forward after a challenging few years for building in New Zealand,” Mr Burghout says. “We expect some robust debate as the Code is finalised. “Sustainable development, energy efficiency and innovation on building sites are becoming increasingly important issues for New Zealand’s construction industry, and the review of the Building Code will provide a framework for best practice,” Mr Burghout says. 

The RMBF has two key objectives when it comes to the Building Code review: 

• To ensure the code is simple to understand and use, and • To ensure the code remains performance-based while allowing for increased levels of best practice guidance.