Play safe, work safe, stay safe


Health and safety issues have long been a priority for Hirepool. When an organisation completes more than 250,000 transactions each year on as many as 12,000 items of equipment, there is no room for compromise on that issue. 

Customers expect the equipment they hire will not only do the job well, they will have no issues about equipment safety — and it is as critical for the company’s key accounts as it is for casual DIY customers. Hirepool is one of only a handful of organisations to achieve ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices Tertiary Level certification. 

And it is the only hire company in New Zealand to achieve that level. This is the highest level ACC Safety Management audit standard that an employer can attain. It means Hirepool has demonstrated a well-established, continuous improvement framework. 

The Tertiary audit standard can only be achieved when an employer can provide evidence of a clear history of established employer systems and processes functioning actively in the workplace. Furthermore, most of the requirements should have been functioning over a 12- month period. 

What does that mean for the company’s customers? It is a clear demonstration that not only is the company’s equipment among the latest and certainly the safest you can hire, but that all its branches embrace the highest safety management practices.