Standards review under way


Standards NZ has started a major review of Standards older than 10 years, to ensure Standards meet the needs of the people who use them, are relevant to New Zealand and refl ect advances in technology, safety and quality. 

During the process, experts will review the Standards and recommend to Standards NZ one of four outcomes: 

• Reconfirmation — the Standard is still relevant and does not require any changes, 

• Revision — the Standard continues to be relevant but needs changes to update it, 

• Replacement — the subject of the Standard is still relevant but another document (NZ or international) would suit New Zealand’s needs better, or 

• Withdrawal — the subject is no longer relevant. 

Where a recommendation has been received for revision or replacement, Standards NZ will look to secure resources to complete the work. Items recommended for withdrawal or reconfirmation will be advertised for an eight-week period, allowing stakeholders and the public to have their say via an electronic questionnaire. 

The first group of Standards recommended for withdrawal or reconfirmation are available for public comment until July 31, 2006. 

A list of these documents, the action recommended and the questionnaire to be completed can be found at, or you can find a link to the Catalogue Review pages on-line by visiting the “Drafts for Comment” page within 

Following this review of mainly building and electrical Standards, Standards NZ will seek funding support to extend this review for the rest of the catalogue. 

If you have any queries about the review of Standards project, contact Erin Alderton at