The ‘Warthog’ — tough and stable in the workplace


Tradespeople rely on good quality combination stepladders/extension ladders, but unless absolutely robust fabrication is used most available ladders become unstable and worn very quickly in the harsh work site environment. 

The Warthog has been tested in the field for the past 20 years. Builders say the ladders simply do not wear out or become unstable with wear at joins. Why? The Warthog features solid welded rungs as opposed to riveted or swaged joins which means a rock solid ladder that comes with a 10 year warranty. 

Other features include: 

• Box section stiles have much greater torsion/twist strength than typical “C” channel extrusion profiles. This means reduced “walking” ladder movement under uneven loading, and it does not require obstructive gusset bracing. 

• Bits and pieces — there aren’t any. Typical ladders require many and various braces, joiners and latches up the sides of their ladders. With nothing exposed on the Warthog there is no wear on these components and no chance of accidentally catching gear or clothing on them. 

• Rungs line up in the double closed position which means a full double rung step and, therefore, an even greater fl at tread surface. Plus there is no chance of mis-stepping on the opposite rungs that are not aligned. 

• A unique double rung design means dangerous material — slippery mud for example — cannot gather on a fl at tread surface but will fall through the rungs. New ladder standards for Australasia will require ladders to be used in trade situations to be load rated to 150kg. 

The Easy Access Co Warthog is load rated at 180kg. The Warthog is a kiwi invention. 

It is made in Maungaturoto under the same high quality fabrication requirements that Easy Access Co applies to all its scaffolding.