RMBF: Builder ratings web sites don’t add value for consumers


RMBF chief executive, Pieter Burghout says the Federation has seen a plethora of web sites pop up in the past few months that rate builders/tradespeople. 


“We would be disappointed if the public used this sort of vehicle to choose their builder,” Mr Burghout says. 


“The builder ratings, in our view, don’t give real confi rmation of quality that the public should be looking for, and could also be open to abuse,” he says. 


“We believe that the RMBF brand already provides a much better validation of the kind of quality that consumers should expect because over the years we’ve learned that builders who run sound businesses also build good homes. 


“Companies who belong to the Federation have validated construction expertise, as well as proven business experience,” he says. 


There are a number of factors to look for when choosing a good tradesperson or builder, and while rating sites may help consumers make a choice on which builder they may use, they won’t necessarily confirm quality. 


The Federation encourages all consumers in the first instance to visit its web site at www.masterbuilder.org.nz to locate a builder. 


Checklist for fi nding a builder: Along with getting your plans in order, you must also choose the right builder for you. 


Here are some points for you to consider before starting your building project: 

What type of builder: volume, custom or individual? 

Is your builder a Registered Master Builder? 

Type of home: Make sure your builder has extensive experience building homes in your price range 

Reputation is important 

Compatibility with the builder 

Warranty: You should be offered a comprehensive written warranty 

Price: The cheapest price may not be the best 

Do your homework: Look at more than one option.