Scaling new heights


The RMBF has already started planning for its conference to be held on April 20 to 22, 2007, in Taranaki at the Plymouth Hotel, New Plymouth. 


Titled “Scaling New Heights”, it is expected that key industry leaders, decision makers, industry stalwarts and members will gather to discuss trends, strategies, policies and options facing the building industry in 2007. 


The construction sector will face signifi cant changes in 2007, with the implementation of builder licensing and the considerable challenges and debates over government regulation and its effect on the industry. 


This conference presents an opportunity for all Registered Master Builders to meet and network with influential figures in the construction arena. 


The RMBF has already developed a web site for members to access the latest information on the conference which will be updated in the next few months with details of speakers, the programme and general information on the Taranaki region. 


They can view the conference site from the members section of the RMBF web site at