New steel house framing design and construction guide now available


A new Design and Construction Guide for Steel Framed Buildings called NASH 3405 is now available as an alternative solution in New Zealand.


The guide contributes to the development of technical standards for quality building in steel framing for residential and light commercial applications. NASH stands for the National Association of Steel-Framed Housing.


NASH 3405 is a non-specific design and construction guide which is suitable for use for builders and designers.


This new guide brings together design and construction information for a number of systems for steel framing in common use in New Zealand, principally the Howick system, the Scottsdale system and the Frametek system, all of whom are NASH members.



Steel framing has long been in widespread use in commercial applications for building, with increasing interest in recent years for residential applications.


Steel as a building material has been found to be effective in the development of a number of alternative solutions, using the advantages of metallic properties such as strength and stiffness which make them reliable and efficient as a result.


NASH 3405 includes a 50-year durability statement for high strength steel from New Zealand Steel with either a Z275 galvanised coating or an AZ150 Zincalume coating.


The development of the new guide means steel framing for housing is now easier to use.


A copy of NASH 3405 is available in either hard copy or CD format from NASH, the National Association of Steel-Framed Housing, 17 Gladding Place, P O Box 76 134, Manukau City (phone 09 262 1625 or 0800 333 225, or email: