Building industry embraces ‘green office’ rating tool


Industry response to New Zealand’s proposed green building rating tool has been so enthusiastic and constructive that the tool is already in its third draft less than a month after the first pilot version was circulated to members of the New Zealand Green Building Council.

“We are delighted by the number and detail of the responses we have received,” council chief executive Jane Henley says.

“The Green Building Council is by nature collaborative, so this process is encouraging real industry ownership of the rating tool.”

Fifteen industry experts have been working with Australian Green Star developers to ensure that the tool will be right for New Zealand.

The latest release of the proposed rating tool is available for download Developers are being encouraged to trial the rating tool which will set a benchmark for high-quality office buildings.

The tool rates buildings on a range of specific criteria – management, indoor environment quality, energy use, access to transport, water efficiency, use of sustainably-sourced materials, land use and ecology, and emissions.

It is designed to significantly reduce the environmental impact of buildings by minimising the resources required during their construction and occupation, while making them more pleasant to work in.

Adapted from the Australian Green Star rating system, the tool is the first of a suite of products that will be released by the council this year.