Cordless tool range now powerful enough to do any task


The first lithium ion-powered cordless tool on the market remains one the world’s best sellers.
Five years after its introduction, the Bosch 3.6V IXO drill driver has been repackaged, and is now also complemented by six newly-designed, heavy-duty lithium ion tools, according to Bosch New Zealand general manager Aaron Jamieson.

Mr Jamieson says Bosch has seen a growing client preference for cordless power tools.
“Our traditional market advantage is our proven track record of innovation and performance. We design and develop our tools to be focused fully on a particular application.
“We have the expertise and technology to respond to customer demand, and we responded to the growth in cordless technology demand with serious tools for the serious tradesman,” he says.

Mr Jamieson expects this preference for cordless tools to be reinforced as the company’s new 10.8V and 36V-platform lithium ion powered tools gain market recognition.
“The reason is convenience. Especially with the introduction of cutting-edge technology 36V products, we now have cordless tools that are strong and powerful enough to do tasks that only electrically powered tools could do previously.

“Before the 36V products came on the market a year ago, 18V was the largest category cordless tool available from Bosch. It remains a good seller. The 36V battery is no heavier than the 18V, yet gives all the extra power and performance without penalising the user on weight and bulk,” he says.

The 36V-platform cordless trio comprises a drill driver, cordless impact drill and cordless rotary hammer. According to Mr Jamieson, the latter is the current market favourite as “it enables drilling that easily matches that of an electrical 2kg rotary hammer”.

The new 10.8V drill driver, impact driver and angle driver were introduced to the New Zealand market recently.
“These are beautifully designed, lightweight, small tools that offer excellent power and performance and are well-suited to work in confined spaces,” he says.

Mr Jamieson explains to get optimum performance from the newest lithium ion technology, new generation gearboxes, housing and motors were researched and developed for the tools.
Bosch believes old generation tools simply cannot make the most of, or even cope adequately with, the new battery technology.

With this new battery technology complementing new technology in the tools themsleves, tradespeople can expect cordless tool performance and output to rise to new levels.
“Bosch tends to measure against our own best performance, and the new cordless tools are a milestone for us. We have been getting fantastic feedback from our worldwide dealership-public networks that these products, in particular the 36V range, live up to and, indeed, exceed the expectations created for users,” he says.

However, Mr Jamieson says the IXO cordless drill driver — repackaged but essentially the same product — all other 3.6V, 7.2V and 10.8V lithium ion cordless tools, as well as the older nickel cadmium cordless range, remain good value for money, and tried and trusted stock items on Bosch shelves.

Over the past 20 years, the company earned its original reputation for excellence in New Zealand for its electric impact drills and angle grinders.

“Bosch was one of the pioneers of rotary hammer drills in the world, dating back to the 1930s, and we still focus strongly on this category.
“In particular, our angle grinders remain exceptional global and local best sellers, the result of our history and legacy of decades and decades of outstanding performance in this market segment.

“Our new Evolution range of grinders offers users even better technology and safety features, and is already a good seller,” he says.
Bosch dealers carry a complete range of cutting and grinding, drilling and shaping, screw driving, benchtop, sanding and planning, and measurement tools, as well as accessories.