Easy to install Performance and Power


The arrival of the new Arriva Power Flue fire has achieved what was previously considered impossible . . . stunning good looks and sophisticated heating power and performance, combined with flueing flexibility and in-built zero clearance offering effortless installation, suitable for just about every type of floor plan.
It’s the perfect choice for a premium home.

The revolutionary Arriva is the result of intensive research and development by the team at Rinnai to develop a fire to suit our climatic conditions and living style.
The resulting Rinnai PowerFlue system uses a fan to draw air from outside to combust, giving the home owner improved air quality. The in-built fan boost also provides greater installation freedom. End result: the fire can be installed just about anywhere in the home.

The Arriva range has four interchangeable fascias that can easily be swapped to suit the interior, mood or seasonality of a room.
With a full feature remote control, pre-programmed flame function and set and forget dual timer the blood, sweat and tears normally associated with fires becomes a thing of the past.

The Arriva is also the only fire in New Zealand that has bottom air discharge, taking the warm air as close to the floor as possible for better heat distribution and, with a large convection fan, it ensures the room warms quickly and efficiently.

Reduced cost is another big plus. The Arriva is simple to install (saving time and money), quick to flue and comes with in-built zero clearance. It also has an 80% efficiency rating, ensuring most of the gas energy is converted into heat in the home.

“Developers have been crying out for a heating system that is easy to install, that looks great and is effective and efficient. The Rinnai Arriva is all of those things, and it looks great as well,” Rinnai NZ Ltd sales, service and marketing manager David Water says.
“The Arriva is definitely a top quality, stylish appliance that creates ambiance and heat, and it will be of great interest to developers and people who are looking for heating efficiency with that special X-factor.”

Rinnai understands the simple pleasures of instant flame and constant warmth — we know you do too.

Visit www.rinnai.co.nz or call 0800 RINNAI (0800 746 624) for more information or to request a brochure.