The power of corded without the cord


DeWalt is bringing unprecedented power and precision to the professional construction site with the release of its new 36V cordless power tool platform.
The range is designed to give contractors the performance of a corded tool without the restriction of a power cord, making it the ideal choice for the worksite.

“The 36V range is about providing a tool that is as practical as it is powerful,” according to DeWalt brand manager Paul Carter.
“The tools are lightweight, easy to operate and designed to go where heavy corded tools can’t.”

The range includes a 36V heavy-duty hammerdrill (DC900KL), reciprocating saw (DC305K), 7 1/4” circular saw (DC300K), impact wrench (DC800KL), rotary hammer (DC232KL), jigsaw (DC308K), grinder (DC415P) and flashlight (DC509), along with three combo kit variations (DCX6401-XE, DCX6210-XE, DCX6200-XE).

All tools are designed from the ground up to provide the most comprehensive, high voltage solution needed to do the job of its corded alternatives. And with twice the power output of most standard cordless tools, DeWalt has developed several innovative and exclusive technologies to ensure the range is practical and easy to use on all types of construction.

The 13mm (1/2”) 36V hammer drill / driver kit (DC900KL) has an exclusive self-tightening chuck that continually tightens through application to 10 times the grip force of a normal ratcheting chuck.

Finish the job in minimal time

The user can be confident that the chuck will not bind up and the bit will not fall out, so they can finish the job in minimal time.
The advanced 36V circular saw (DC300K) features a massive 185mm (7 1/4”) blade for increased cutting capacity at 90° and 45°, as well as an all-metal keyless blade clamp for quick and easy blade changes. So there’s no more wasted time looking for lost blade change keys.

Exclusive to DeWalt, the 36V reciprocating saw (DC305K) comes with an innovative 4-position keyless blade clamp, allowing the blade to be inserted in four different positions for added versatility when flush cutting or getting into other tight spaces.

The DC234KL, 36V rotary hammer features the exclusive Shocks Active Vibration Control. Working similarly to the shocks on a mountain bike, it minimises vibration and maximises safety and comfort for the user. This is a critical benefit for tradespeople using hammers regularly.

The DC234 has the unique snap-on chuck system found on DeWalt corded rotary hammers, and comes standard with SDS plus and 13mm keyless chucks. The end user does not have the additional cost of buying a second chuck.

The snap on nature maximises strength and minimises the chance of snapping traditional style 13mm chucks that plug onto the existing SDS chuck.
Each tool in the range is powered by a 36V high performance battery pack provided exclusively to DeWalt for power tool applications, and has a unique nano-phosphate lithium ion design that offers a high-level of power, durability and life when compared to other conventional lithium technology.

The battery pack has been designed with no memory effect and virtually no self-discharge, so you can pick it up two months after charging and work as normal.
The part that separates nano-phosphate lithium from the rest is that it is tested to 2000 charges over its total life.

The phosphate element minimises the volatility of the lithium formula under high temperatures, allowing DeWalt to focus on strength rather than heat reduction in the battery casing. The batteries are also tested to DeWalt’s exclusive four metre drop test.

The 36V platform provides professional users with a tool range developed to perform heavy duty corded tool tasks with the freedom of cordless equipment.
Lightweight battery technology ensures tools in this range weigh no more than standard 18V cordless equipment, allowing the operator to undertake tasks previously the preserve of more cumbersome corded tools.
“With the 36V platform, DeWalt has introduced the most comprehensive solution available for corded power tool users who want the freedom of a cordless tool,” Mr Carter says.