Tools of the Trade feedback


In the March issue of Building Today you requested information on what we tradesman consider our most valuable cordless tool that we swear by.
I have a fantastic one for you.

The Bosch 14.4V cordless grinder is the dogs bollocks! I have had it a number of years now, yet when I
returned to New Zealand from Britain I noticed no other tradesman with one.
I dont get it! A lot of New Zealand builders are slow to pick up on the usefulness of such tools which save time and money

This grinder will cut anything, has “SDS” cutting blades which require no spanners to change — you just push a button and release the cutting blade like a lightbulb.
They have a blade guard release that makes getting into tight places to cut an absolute breeze.

I reckon this tool is the ultimate for plumbers, sheetmetal workers, roofers and, of course, builders.
I have not yet used the lithium-ion tools but will replace my battery range with this new technology as my batteries wear out.

Ross Matthews

CEO, Tradetech Tools Ltd, Nelson

 Thanks for your feedback Ross. Remember, readers will soon be able to post feedback on our Forum pages at our new revamped web site. Look out for it! — Editor.