Shhh . . . be quiet in my space


Autex Insulation recently launched Quietspace, the latest addition to its range of thermal and acoustic insulation products.
Quietspace is a polyester fibre, sound-absorbing product for use in commercial design, available as the Quietspace Workstation screen, the Quietspace Panel or any combination of both.

Product manager Rob Croot says Quietspace is the result of extensive research and investment in new production technology. The product is also backed by Autex’s 11 years’ experience producing quality polyester-fibre insulation materials in New Zealand and Australia.

“Our long-held core philosophies of ecologically-friendly design and design freedom were among the key drivers that shaped the footprint and characteristics of the Quietspace range of products.

“We believe this new high-performance product offers architects and designers a leading edge in complete acoustic control without boundaries,” he says.
Both the Quietspace Panel and Quietspace Workstation are engineered for “superior sound absorption and balanced acoustic design”. 

Mr Croot says the Quietspace Panel is ideal for fixed wall and ceiling applications, and can be either fabric faced or, using the latest digital printing technology, imprinted with any image or design as an acoustic detail, panel or artwork.

It is available as units measuring up to 2400mm of either 25mm or 50mm thickness, with performance up to NRC 1.0.
The Quietspace Workstation screen is a high-density, rigid polyester fibre panel designed for use as partition divider or pre-finished panel in office workstations.

Available in a range of earthy, modern colours and tones, the screen has a pinnable surface, is portable, and offers flexibility in workspace design.
The Quietspace range, like all Autex products, is manufactured from 100% polyester fibre. The company subscribes to a low “embodied energy” zero-waste policy, and collects and re-uses waste fibre wherever possible.

Any Autex product may consist of up to 70% previously recycled fibre, and all products are, in turn, fully recyclable. In addition, the company designed Quietspace products to minimise the use of component-based products that add cost and affect recycling.

Mr Croot says the Quietspace Workstation product is “the perfect example of dematerialisation, as it is the finished surface, doing away with the traditional use of substrates and fabrics”.
Health-conscious consumers will find the Autex thermal bonding process a bonus — the polyester fibres do not require added chemical binders such as formaldehyde to bind, but binds by heat to form the structure of the material. “All of which means a user-friendly product which supports safer indoor quality,” Mr Croot says.

Other products in the Autex stable are GreenStuf thermal insulation and QuietStuf acoustic insulation. The Autex range of products is manufactured under ISO 9001 quality control systems, and meet all requirements of the NZ and Australian Building Codes, including the AS1530 fire performance requirement. GreenStuf is fully BRANZ-appraised.

Mr Croot says all Autex products are non-carcinogenic, non-irritant, non-toxic, non-allergenic and not associated with any health concerns.
Autex Insulation is a division of the privately and New Zealand-owned Autex Industries Ltd. The company also operates in Australia and exports its products to 23 countries across the globe.