No more leaky tiled shower syndrome


Atlantis Bathroom Style offers a minimum 20-year leak-free warranty on its shower bases, eliminating the risks of leaky tiled shower problems for home owners and builders.


Marketing manager Stan Gregec says the Atlantis Tiled Shower system is a good solution for builders whose specifications include the installation of tiled showers, especially in risk-prone areas such as upstairs bathrooms or on timber floors.


“The Atlantis secret is a pre-finished system with all critical waterproofing dealt with during the manufacture of the system components,” Mr Gregec says.


“The installer assembles factory-made shower components quickly and easily on site — there is no need for messy, time-consuming and skilled preparation,” he says.


Mr Gregec explains the key component of the system is the one-piece premoulded shower tray. The tray is manufactured from marine grade reinforced fibreglass to be 100% waterproof and ready to tile.


It is structurally strong across the entire shower floor area and will not move, compress, flex or buckle.


“With the generous upstand height, factory-fitted base channels, a guaranteed even slope to the waste position and precision connections at vital junctions, the Atlantis shower base leaves no chance for water to escape other than where directed.”


The company recommends that an approved Atlantis installer is used to get the best result, but any builder can be easily trained to install key components.


The shower walls are waterproofed using either the proprietary Atlantis self-adhesive wall membrane or any other liquid membrane method preferred by the tile layer. Once the tile layer is done, pre-measured shower screens can be fitted immediately. Typically, the whole process takes two to three days.


The Atlantis Shower System waterproofing method is BRANZ appraised and performance-tested to meet the requirements of the NZ Building Code. The product won New Zealand’s Most Innovative Product award at the designEXNZ exhibition in Auckland in 2005.