The 12 days of Christmas


(Sung to the 12 days of Christmas carol!)


“On the 12th day of Christmas, here’s what’s what in our industry:

Twelve HOY Award categories

Eleven information issues

Ten AOY regional finalists

Nine “structural review” group members

Eight percent membership growth

Seven hard working RSOs

Sixth Minister appointed 

Five fold increase in trust!

Four VB/MC meetings

Three superb days in the ‘Naki

Two fantastic Boards

And a pretty great RMBF year!



And just to explain my Christmas carol:

We had another great House of the Year and Commercial Project of the Year Awards programme. Entries were at last year’s record levels, we consolidated our national judging programme and we’re seeing our members use their HOY Awards really well in their marketing strategies.

We have lifted the bar across our various membership information sets that members receive — Building Today, Nailing it Home, and RMBF Wrap-Up, all published eleven times a year. We’ve more bar lifting to do, but we’ve got a good base.

We had a good year for our Apprentice of the Year competition as well, extending out to 10 regions and holding a national final for the first time.

A key RMBF project has been our “RMB structural review” project that we initiated this year. We are already a strong organisation, and have been so for 100-plus years. This project is about setting the scene for the next 10 or so years (I wouldn’t be so bold as to suggest it’s for 100!).

We continue to grow solidly. Not every builder can be a Master Builder, and we’re getting solid membership growth while maintaining our “quality club” ethos.

A key value differentiator for the RMBF is our network of Regional Service Officers, and they do a marvellous job servicing our growing membership base right across the country.

Shane Jones has become the sixth minister for the construction industry. Despite some last minute disagreements with the previous Minister around licensing and the extent of DIY exemptions, Clayton Cosgrove worked hard in the portfolio and made an honourable effort to engage with the industry.

A key theme for me over the past two years has been the growing level of trust between all parts of the RMB network, particularly between the Associations and the Federation. The “combo package” makes for unstoppable strength as an organisation.

We have had some great meetings of our volume builder and major contractor forum groups during the year, culminating in a good dialogue with Nick Smith, National Party spokesman on Building and Construction, a few weeks ago.

Our conference in Taranaki earlier this year was a pearler! Record attendance numbers, great feedback from all those that attended, and the Taranaki Association and the Federation really enjoyed pulling it all together. Bring on Windy Wellington in April next year!

A huge success factor for us is the calibre of our two top Boards — the RMBF and Master Build Services Boards. We, and the industry as a whole, are well served by the governance and industry stewardship roles undertaken by the members of both Boards.

And finally, when I total all that up, it’s been a great year for RMBF. My heart-felt thanks to all those who have helped contribute to that success — Associations, members, Board members, industry stakeholders, sponsors and staff.


Can we wish everyone in the industry a relaxing and enjoyable Christmas and New Year’s break. It will be a well deserved time to put the hammer down for a bit!