Sustainable Steel


As New Zealand’s leading supplier of metal roofing, cladding, rainwater and structural products, Dimond is big on sustainable business.
Employing more than 200 full time staff in 13 locations throughout New Zealand, Dimond supports the local New Zealand economy as well as striving to minimise its environmental impact. 

The company is looking to create sustainable solutions for the future through a dedicated research and development programme.
All of Dimond’s key roofing, cladding, rainwater and structural products are 100% New Zealand made. Dimond sources the vast majority of its raw materials locally, reducing their carbon footprint and minimising pollution that occurs from importing overseas goods.

Steel, the primary resource is sourced from New Zealand Steel (NZS), a company with a long history of proactive environmental management and an organisation at the forefront of sustainable business.

NZS is one of the few New Zealand organisations to have its environmental control systems recognised with the achievement of an ISO 140001 standard award. Steel is the most recycled material in the world, and does not suffer any degradation through repeated recycling, as well as requiring little maintenance through its long lifespan.

In New Zealand, 85% of the steel used in buildings is recovered and 12% of NZS’s material is made with recycled content. Working with NZS and other organisations focused on sustainability, Dimond is actively supporting research currently being undertaken to develop more energy efficient homes.

One example of this is the NOW project. The NOW project is a research consortium of public and private organisations that has been formed to find affordable attractive ways to make New Zealand homes more sustainable.

As well as sustainable steel, Dimond also has a range of natural lighting products that allows buildings to make use of sunlight, therefore reducing the reliance on artificial light.
It has recently taken this one step further with the introduction of Durolite HeatGuard. These products have infra-red ray reflecting additives in the gel coat which reduce heat without losing light transmission, and which also block 99% of harmful ultraviolet UVa and UVb rays.

When this energy efficient product is used as roofing or cladding, costs for lighting and cooling in commercial and residential buildings are significantly reduced.
Dimond also has several other ongoing energy-related research projects as it continually looks to improve the environmental sustainability of its product offering.

For more information on the Dimond range of products go to, or freephone 0800 DIMOND.