Get real!


New Zealand’s aspiring building apprentices now have the chance to hear what life in the construction industry is really like, online at


Hear real people share their experiences and advice about life on and off building sites on the BCITO’s new interactive tool called Real Stories.


The Real Stories video profiles give a real life perspective of jobs in the construction industry — what it’s like day to day on-site, what it takes to be a success, the opportunities available and the lifestyles a career in construction can support.


An interactive career pathway supports each profile so viewers can see the different routes into the industry and the multitude of career opportunities available.


There are four video clips profiling a BCITO carpentry apprentice in the first year of his apprenticeship, a recently qualified apprentice, the owner of a residential building company and a site manager for a commercial construction company.


Each profile presents personal experiences and unique views of a career in the construction industry.


The BCITO found that people often venture down a career path without having a clear idea of what it’s really like to work in that particular job or the different types of opportunities that might be available.


Real Stories will help make this picture clearer for anyone interested in construction careers.


“We know the questions and concerns parents have are very different from the ones their young people have about careers and apprenticeships,” BCITO chief executive Ruma Karaitiana says.


“For instance, school leavers often want to know how early they might have to start work and the types of tasks they’ll be doing from day to day, whereas parents and teachers are more interested in long-term career prospects and qualifications. Real Stories aims to answer those questions,” he says.


Anyone who is thinking about pursuing a career in the construction industry should check out Real Stories online at