RMBF welcomes proposals to reduce red tape


The Registered Master Builders Federation has welcomed the National Party’s promises to reduce bureaucracy in the construction industry.


Acting RMBF chief executive Chris Preston says the party’s policy addresses many of the issues the organisation has been highlighting for the past couple of years.


“We have been talking for some time about the problem of rising compliance costs and fees charged by local authorities, and the negative impact this has been having on housing affordability,” Mr Preston says.


“We would applaud practical streamlining of the process that our builders have to go through to assist getting clients into their homes in a timely and cost-effective way.


“We also welcome the opportunity to work with National on the Licensed Building Practitioner scheme, which we see as a very important step in raising the standard of construction in New Zealand.”


The RMBF sees the National Party’s intention to address these issues, among others, as positive. “We look forward to working closely with them on finding solutions should they become the Government later this year,” Mr Preston says.