HERS rating tool can now be used to demonstrate H1 Code Compliance


Carrying out a home energy rating assessment at the planning and design stage has benefits

AccuRate, the rating tool used for the Home Energy Rating Scheme (HERS), can now be used to determine the Building Performance Index (BPI), one of the ways to demonstrate compliance with the insulation requirements of the Building Code Clause H1 Energy Efficiency.


People who opt to have their home designs assessed for a home energy rating get the benefit of a comprehensive analysis of their home’s energy efficiency, together with a set of specific recommendations on how to improve their designs.


However, they can now also use the results to demonstrate compliance with Clause H1 of the Building Code.

Close co-operation

Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) chief executive Mike Underhill says close co-operation between the Department of Building and Housing and EECA led to an outcome that will further enhance the attractiveness of the voluntary Home Energy Rating Scheme.


“At the same time it will reduce compliance costs for people choosing to have a home energy rating carried out,” he says.


Mr Underhill emphasises the benefits of carrying out a home energy rating at the planning and design stage.


“With AccuRate taking into account a home’s layout, orientation and shading, many of the recommendations provided in the Home Energy Rating Report can be implemented at little or no cost simply by making changes to the plans or the specifications.


“In addition, the star rating will provide home owners and builders with proof of their energy smart designs and, therefore, a competitive edge when it comes to selling the homes.”


The Department of Building and Housing has developed a formula that will allow the results produced by AccuRate to be used to calculate BPI values.


EECA is also planning to incorporate the formula developed by the Department of Building and Housing into a future release of AccuRate to automate the BPI calculation.