Right House signs up


Right House Ltd has joined the Future-Proof Building stable to offer New Zealanders complete energy efficient solutions to residential homes and businesses.

The partnership between Future-Proof Building and Right House is a significant step towards consolidating an increasingly crowded market, making it easier for consumers to find complete energy efficient solutions for residential homes and businesses.

With climate change and sustainable living becoming a significant global trend which is influencing buying decisions and lifestyle choices, Future-Proof Building and Right House are heading the charge in providing sustainable building options that are kinder to the environment and consumers wallets. 

Specialist knowledge

The partnership will see Right House and Future-Proof Building teams combine specialist knowledge to provide builders, specifiers and consumers an integrated energy efficiency solution by combining their resources and running a series of targeted seminars representing a marriage of the energy and building industries.

Future-Proof Building education manager Jamie Fear says the expertise Right House brings is a key driver for the union.
“As leaders at driving change within the building industry, we need to partner with like-minded companies, such as Right House, who understand the challenge of achieving and providing sustainable building options,” Mr Fear says.

“These changes will not only raise the standard of our homes today, but will also deliver a more sustainable living environment that will endure well into the future.”

One-stop shop for energy efficiency

Right House is New Zealand’s one-stop shop in providing energy-efficient homes. A Right House consultant analyses home building plans and creates a solution that integrates the house’s aspect, design, systems and products to achieve the greatest comfort and energy efficiency.

Right House also installs the specified products and systems to deliver a start-to-finish service.
“Right House’s service offers practical solutions for creating energy efficiency, and their values complement the Future Proof vision of providing sustainable principles that will add long-term value to homes.

“We view Right House as taking big steps in the right direction within the building industry as it delivers real and attainable solutions for home owners. We are looking forward to working with Right House in jointly educating and providing easy-to-use energy solutions to the building industry and home owners,” Mr Fear says.

Right House CEO Hamish Sisson says working alongside an equally innovative company is a major step forward for the expansion of achieving sustainability within the building sector.
“We are delighted to be working with Future-Proof Building to help deliver energy efficiency solutions to further improve the lifestyles of New Zealanders,” he says.

• Right House is a subsidiary of Meridian Energy that is New Zealand’s first home comfort and energy efficiency specialist. It is a nationwide service providing the expertise to analyse any home or building project and provide and install a total solution package.

Right House brings together assessment experts, product specialists, installers and more. Customers have one point of contact from initial enquiry through to project completion for all their energy-efficiency requirements.