BCITO and Site Safe working together for a safer workplace


It’s a well-known fact — the construction industry in New Zealand can be a pretty dangerous place to work. But we all know it doesn’t have to be!

To raise awareness about safety in the workplace and improve safety practices for people working on building sites around the country, the BCITO and Site Safe have worked together to develop the BCITO Apprentice Passport scheme.

Throughout the training process, the BCITO encourages all apprentices (and their employers) to make safety in the workplace a priority, and education about safety part of their daily routine.

The BCITO hopes the introduction of the scheme will go a long way to ensuring that the construction industry is a safer place to work. 

Subsidised scheme

The BCITO has committed to subsidising the scheme — which means the cost to attend the course will be $30, half the standard cost.
Site Safe has been working with the construction industry for nine years, helping people gain a Site Safe Passport through its national programme.
Apprentices who hold a Site Safe Passport will have a basic understanding of the health and safety hazards they are likely to face, so that no one is endangering themselves or their workmates.

At the conclusion of the four-hour training session each trainee receives:
• a Building Construction Passport signifying they have successfully completed the training, and
• a pocket-sized handbook containing helpful health and safety information and advice.

By working together with Site Safe, the team at the BCITO is sending a strong signal about its commitment to safety education in the industry.
It is also clear that the ongoing promotion of health and safety in the workplace demonstrates the commitment of an employer to establishing an effective safety management system and desirable workplace.

In recent years, Site Safe and the BCITO have devoted significant resources to assist people working in the industry with their safety needs.
And the organisations have seen successful companies demonstrating time and again that good training programmes are the foundation for a safe, productive and enjoyable workplace.

The thinking behind the development of the BCITO Site Safe Apprentice Passport scheme is a simple one — educated and informed workers are able to make educated and informed choices about safety practices — which, in turn, protects lives and preserves the most valuable and non-replaceable resource — people.

For more information about the BCITO Apprentice Passport scheme call 04 499 2509 or visit www.sitesafe.org.nz.