Educating builders and clients about FPB


Indoor air quality

Fresh air is essential to good health, but modern homes are effectively air-tight.
By choosing innovations such as a DVS home ventilation system builders can ensure the house they’re constructing is a fresh and dry place to live.

Preventing asthma and allergies

New Zealand has one of the highest levels of asthma and allergy-related illnesses in the world.
Anti-allergenic carpets help eradicate dust mites that can aggravate these allergies and, in combination with a DVS system, create a healthy indoor environment.

Environmentally-friendly paint

Even the parts of the home many take for granted, such as the paint, can have a drastic effect on the health of the occupants, especially young children and the elderly.
By choosing FPB options builders can create a home that is a safer, non-toxic option, and also a greener option for the environment.

Healthy plumbing

Often it can be the elements of the home that can’t be seen that can make the biggest impact on health.
New piping systems, such as Fusiotherm, are quieter, more thermally efficient and do not leach toxins into the water.
Tapware is available de-zincified with anti-scald mechanisms, and made to meet Australasian safety standards.

Home heating

The World Health Organisation recommends an average year round indoor temperature of 18°. However, in New Zealand we have an average of 15°.
It doesn’t help the situation that many New Zealand homes still have no in-built heating solution and/or poor insulation.
By incorporating a heating system into homes they can be kept warm and healthy throughout the year.

Central vacuum systems

Keeping the home clean is fundamental for a healthy living environment. Central vacuum systems have motors that are three to five times more powerful than a normal vacuum cleaner, ensuring more dirt is removed from the carpet.
In addition, central vacuum systems are an enhancement that not many homes have, creating an attractive point of difference

A safe home for families

Even with all these FPB innovations, accidents can still happen.
The ACC has a series of guidelines to ensure homes are safe for the occupants, minimising painful and costly accidents.
Simple measures such as non-slip tiles, non-slip decking and light switches at each end of a walk-through room can reduce the risk of injury.

Other recommended solutions:

• Integrated heating systems
• Anti-bacterial/anti-allergenic floors
• Passive ventilation window joinery

• Non-porous bench tops
• Fire and smoke protection
• Safety glass in showers