Innovation and insulation


Future Homes NZ Ltd’s innovative construction of a property in Taupo was the well deserving winner of two awards in the Registered Master Builders 2008 House of the Year, in association with PlaceMakers.

Winning the Department of Building and Housing Sustainable Homes under $500,000 category and the Pink Batts Ultra Energy Efficiency award is an achievement that Future Homes NZ Ltd’s owner/operator Alan Baddeley says was extremely satisfying.

“It’s great to finally be recognised for sustainability initiatives I’ve been creating for the past five years. I really wanted to try and showcase to the general public what options they have to live a better quality of life at minimal extra cost,” Mr Baddeley says.

Future Homes NZ Ltd invested in extensive research and development in order to source the right products to suit the property.
“The company has been — and still is — developing new ways to use a range of energy-efficient products and materials suited for residential property. The goal is to continue to create homes which are efficient to run and live in.”

Mr Baddeley describes Future Homes Ltd as a leader in creating affordable sustainable homes for the New Zealand marketplace, an explanation that comes as no surprise to the competition’s judges.
“This was a fantastic project — the builder made a conscious effort to be sustainable. It ticks all the boxes,” national judge Guy Evans said.

Mr Baddeley has always had a keen interest in the construction industry, and has enjoyed growing Future Homes NZ Ltd as a company.
“I have always been able to construct things. Being raised on a farm and having a preference to work outdoors meant that my transition into the construction industry was a natural progression.”

Since its success in the House of the Year competition, Future Homes NZ Ltd has noticed an increase in the number of enquiries it receives regarding energy-efficient homes. Mr Baddeley wants to use this awareness to increase the number of sustainable homes his company constructs in 2009.
“My first focus this year is to construct a new show home aimed to suit the affordable market. This template will be energy efficient and use green products and materials, a template that 

I think could definitely be taken to the national marketplace.”
After living in an energy-efficient home, Alan says there is a noticeable distinction between them and conventionally constructed and specified properties.
“The difference between the two is huge. Energy-efficient homes are warm in winter, cool in summer, quiet and have minimal energy bills. Why would you build or live in anything else?”

The opportunity to enter the Registered Master Builders House of the Year competition was a great way to showcase Future Homes NZ Ltd’s products to the New Zealand consumer, Mr Baddeley says.

“In light of recent successes and ongoing projects, we have decided to licence Future Homes Ltd to other companies, allowing them to operate in specific regions and trade under our name. The House of the Year competition really helped us create a stronger market profile.”