Yes Minister!


This government has been in place for nine months. I for one, till now, have been a critic of the lack of result in the flow of regulation — or should I say deregulation.
Well, now the Government has performed. Recently I attended the release of the Building Act Review and, to all us builders, the really important part on licensing and the restrictive building work clarifications.

Building and Construction Minister Maurice Williamson has gone into bat for the industry with his free market colleagues and won.
Since the early 1900s the construction industry has wanted our qualifications and profession recognised. This act will do just that!

Minister’s resolve

I would like to acknowledge the Minister’s resolve on this portfolio. Since taking power in November there have been a lot of issues to address.
The passion shown is commendable — questioning, listening and, in most cases, then cutting the red tape that hampers every day life for all in the industry.

This Minister has taken the reform agenda far wider than most would have predicted. He has an open mind and is expecting real results — even challenging the once hallowed legal field of joint and several liability versus proportional liability.

We say “let the liabilities lay where they fall”. Appropriate accountability is good.
We all have the horror council stories, offset with the horror builders stories, so it’s great that the expectations of this Minister are to clean up the main issues that have plagued this industry and its clients for decades.

For the actions to date — well done! But, more important, for the results thus far we can all say Yes Minister — well done — but don’t stop.