Standard amended for installing insulation in residential buildings


Energy efficiency – Installing insulation in residential buildings NZS 4246:2006 provides a step-by-step guide to ensure insulation is installed effectively and achieves its designed thermal performance in situ.

NZS 4246:2006 has recently been amended to make it more up to date.
Installing insulation correctly is a key part in achieving compliance with the New Zealand Building Code and ensuring that houses can be efficiently heated to provide warm, dry, healthy living.

NZS 4246:2006 provides guidance to insulation installers to help achieve the design thermal performance and durability of building elements, and to minimise the risk to installers.

The Standard covers:
• methods of installing common insulation products in common residential construction types, and
• the installing of insulation in new buildings during construction and the retrofitting of insulation in existing buildings.

Users of the Standard include installation installers and home owners who retrofit insulation. The Standard is also the compliance document for the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority Warm Up New Zealand: Heat Smart programme.

Changes to NZS 4246:2006

The changes made to NZS 4246:2006 by Amendment No. 1 are extensive, including:
• installation requirements for new products have been incorporated, in particular for semi-rigid underfloor insulation,
• wording has also been amended throughout the Standard, together with commentary, notes, figures and tables to clarify requirements, and to align with other Standards and the New Zealand Building Code,

• extra information, new definitions and special considerations have been included, and
• the Standard no longer includes guidance on installing reflective pliable membranes, as better alternatives are available.

To help existing users identify the changes introduced by Amendment No. 1, the main changes are marked by a sidebar in the text and set out in a table included as an Appendix to NZS 4246:2006.
The new, incorporated version of NZS 4246 is available in a durable, wiro-bound book format. No separate Amendment is available as the changes are spread through the publication.