Accountability the key message of Construction Strategy Group


Accountability in the construction industry is a key message promoted by the Construction Strategy Group (CSG), comprised of high level executives actively engaged in the sector.
CSG chairman Richard Aitken, chairman of engineering consultancy Beca Group Ltd, says the extent of defective housing in the 1980s and 1990s highlighted a breakdown in quality performance.

“It is essential that all sectors in the industry, through builders, architects and designers to engineers, subcontractors, developers and material suppliers, recognise the part that they have to play in lifting standards.
“This means taking responsibility and accountability for the work we do, in line with performance obligations entered into with customers and clients.”

At the launch of the CSG web site at, Mr Aitken said members of the CSG were committed to lifting standards across the board.
“This industry is responsible for some 5% of GDP. Inherent in its business performance is a multiplier employment ripple through the economy when new homes and commercial buildings are being built at steadily increasing rates.

“A 10% to 20% lift in new home construction above today’s recessionary levels will spark hundreds of much needed new jobs.
“To get there we need better economic conditions and confidence in the industry’s ability to perform to promised levels.
“We aim to see that accountability is embraced and ingrained across the sector,” Mr Aitken says.