Christchurch builder racks up an impressive run of awards


John Creighton Builders Ltd was most recently given the Southern Region New Homes $1million – $2million award and, subsequently, a Gold Reserve Award for a stunning property overlooking Lake Wanaka and Mount Aspiring.
The company is now on its way to the national final for the third year in a row.
The house has been built for the Auckland client as a holiday home, with the vision of it becoming a destination for their retirement, and boasts features such as an open plan kitchen, dining and living rooms “designed to create maximum social interaction”.

Last year, Mr Creighton’s company scored itself the national PlaceMakers Renovation over $500,000 award for a home in Christchurch.
The home has been described as an entertainer’s dream, with every inch of the site utilised for function and style.

This home was changed completely, particularly with regards to the outdoor living area which started out as just a small deck.
“We excavated back into the hillside and built fantastic outdoor living areas. On the other side of the house we cleared bank and bush, and put in a pool, a pool house and more living area. It’s the complete package,” Mr Creighton says.
“We also extended the house, putting on another large lounge area and another bedroom and ensuite,” he says.

Judges said the renovations and additions to the indoor and outdoor living spaces seamlessly integrate into the original home.
“While keeping with the original home, clever restoration of original features and the addition of new matching materials delivered a seamless integration. You simply can’t see where the old ends and new begins,” they said.

Judges said the renovation shows superb craftsmanship from a building company at the height of its profession.
The fact that the house is superbly built and reinforced, combined with luck, meant the home sustained no damage after the recent spate of serious earthquakes in Christchurch.
“The clients were away at the time of the big quake, but they had a look around the place when they got back and couldn’t believe it,” Mr Creighton says.

The strengthening of this home perched on Scarborough Hill was significant.
“I remember at the time the client saying, ‘God, is all that stuff really necessary?’ because we were drilling into the rock and things. But he rang me up and said, ‘I can see why you did all of that now’,” he says.

Mr Creighton says the recognition of his company due to the competition is a definite business advantage.
“Clients have confidence in us when they can see our awards. When they see a list of results, they know you’re a capable builder.
“We’ve been at the national final a lot of times, so it’s about being consistent with the work you produce,” Mr Creighton says.

John Creighton Builders Ltd joined Registered Master Builders in 1993, a year after the company’s inception. Mr Creighton says letting clients know that you’re part of a reputable organisation is important.
“If they had any issues, the client has some sort of backing with the Registered Master Builders,” Mr Creighton says.

John Creighton Builder Ltd’s Wanaka property will now be re-judged before the National Category winners and Supreme Award winners are announced at a gala dinner in Auckland on Saturday, November 19.

The Awards are made possible through the support of principal sponsor PlaceMakers and supporting sponsors James Hardie, Gib Living®, Pink® Batts® Ultra® (Tasman Insulation), Nulook, and the Department of Building and Housing.

For information about the competition, visit the Registered Master Builders web site