Property Council appoints new president


Tony Sewell, chief executive of Ngai Tahu Property Ltd has been elected Property Council national president in Auckland recently.
As new national president, Mr Sewell will bring a wealth of knowledge spanning more than 40 years in the construction and property industries, along with an understanding of current seismic challenges in Canterbury and throughout New Zealand.

He has been in charge of the Iwi-owned business since its establishment in 1994, and a member of the Property Council since 1999.
“My appointment recognises the significant role that the Maori economy now plays in New Zealand, particularly in the property sector,” Mr Sewell says.
“While I am national president, I would like to see the Property Council remain an influential advisor to central and local government.
“I would also like to see the property sector take a leading role in the development and funding of infrastructure in New Zealand.”

Mr Sewell takes over from outgoing national president Chris Gudgeon, who has served in the role for the past two and a half years. Mr Gudgeon has been a strong advocate for removing financial disincentives for the commercial property industry.
“I look forward to supporting our new president with our continuing campaign to get government to address deficiencies in current tax policy which act to deter investment in the reconstruction of Christchurch and earthquake strengthening around the country,” Mr Gudgeon says.