Young company off to promising start


Warkworth company Steve Haycock Construction Ltd was established less than four years ago and is off to a promising start.
Building on regional success in 2010, the company went on to claim the New Homes $600, 000 – $1 million category at the Registered Master Builders PlaceMakers 2011 House of the Year with a stunning holiday home in beautiful Omaha.

With concrete ripples, timber screens and landscape enfolds, the four bedroom, four bathroom home is a playful beach getaway that offers rest and respite without roughing it.
Service doors have been concealed, and stairways and balusters have been customised to ensure privacy while redefining the batch as an expressive and friendly sanctuary.
Featuring moulded concrete tilt panels, a cantilevered upper-floor and curved walls, the one-year build proved complex.

However, through constant liaison with the architect and with more than two decades of experience under Mr Haycock’s belt, the company rose to the challenge and came away with a result that was testament to their skill and craftsmanship.

“There was a lot of well thought through detailing in this home — taking a complex architectural concept and planning for longevity in the harsh coastal environment,” the judges said.
“It has a complex beam and column roof structure, carefully complemented with crafted timber floors, creating a seamless living environment inside and out.
“From the overlap of external cedar to suit the prevailing winds, to the sheltered private courtyard, partially concealed kitchen, and the unique stair and rail guard, this is a beautifully crafted home, delivering exceptional workmanship and joinery in an innovative and timeless way.”

But Mr Haycock believes his company’s success at a national level ultimately comes down to people.
“It starts with the whole workplace. It’s really important when building a house that the people involved are enjoying their work. If you can create an environment that people enjoy, then they want to do a good job,” he says.

“The client, the builder and the architect all need to be moving in the same direction. That has a huge benefit for the build, as the house will reflect the effort and care that has gone into it.”
A Registered Master Builder since 2008, Mr Haycock believes that the organisation provides clients with a real sense of reassurance and value.
“If the client is going to start building a house, they have no real yardstick to measure a builder by, apart from word of mouth most of the time.
“Registered Master Builders has got a good name, and achieving in the Registered Master Builders PlaceMakers 2011 House of the Year lets people know that in working with us, they’re going to get a company that takes a lot of care in the build.

“We can show potential clients and architects what we’ve done and say, ‘look what we’ve achieved’.
“It’s been really worthwhile entering the competition. The atmosphere at the awards dinners, the stimulus it provides and the encouragement you get from seeing the houses presented is really great.”

Although the company doesn’t have an entry in this year’s competition, with four projects in progress including a clifftop renovation in Leigh and another build on the Omaha waterfront, Mr Haycock looks forward to having at least one entered next year.

Judging for the Registered Master Builders PlaceMakers 2012 House of the Year is currently under way.
The Awards are made possible through the support of PlaceMakers, James Hardie, Gib Living Solutions®, Nulook, the Department of Building and Housing, Future-Proof Building and Master Build Services Ltd.

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