Fletcher Building commits to huge energy savings


Fletcher Building Ltd (FBL) is set to make significant energy savings after signing an agreement with the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) to introduce a company-wide energy efficiency programme.

The programme, proposed by FBL, will include efficiency initiatives across six of their divisions, and will provide immediate and long-term energy efficiency benefits.
The agreement shows that New Zealand’s most influential businesses are keen to reduce their energy use and carbon footprint, according to EECA general business manager Ian Niven.

“We anticipate many other New Zealand firms will follow Fletcher’s lead in using a systematic, group-wide approach to energy efficiency as a catalyst for improving productivity across their business,” Mr Niven says.

FBL is targeting electricity savings of at least 17.5 GWh annually by 2014. This is equivalent to the amount of electricity used by 2200 houses in a year, and is worth approximately $2 million per year in avoided electricity supply costs.
“New Zealand businesses could save around $2 billion in energy costs every year, savings that would go straight to their bottom line,” Mr Niven says.
“EECA is working with businesses of all sizes and across all sectors to promote a culture of good energy management as a way to improve overall business performance.”

EECA Business will provide some funding towards the programme, which will be made up of several projects, to a maximum of $300,000 over two years. FBL will contribute more than half the costs for each project.

FBL has engaged Energy NZ Ltd and Stewardship Solutions Ltd to assist with identifying and implementing opportunities that will improve energy efficiency across its business divisions.
“FBL has made a firm commitment to make energy efficiency a priority for the business, and by teaming up with energy management experts they can make sure they are focusing on the projects that will deliver the biggest benefits,” Mr Niven says.